Observation #11: Things We Can Do to Re-Civilize America
August 4, 2017
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September 7, 2017
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Observation #12: Ugly Phrases That We Should Avoid to Re-Civilize Our Part of America

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Here is a phrase that is frequently used but logically is:

1. Vacuous

2. Insulting

3. Rude

4. Demeaning to its listeners.

“GIVE IT UP … for ……………”

This is usually done by the warm-up flaks for TV shows but even the hosts, uncelebrated celebrities and people who should know better use it.
It is a demand for the audience to shower the subject of the phrase with applause if not greater expressions of adoration. It is not framed as a request but as a demand.

1. Do we even know who this person is? Most people today are afraid to ask, “who is this person” for fear of being thought, most grievous, “uncool” so they will pretend to be “in the know.”

2. Why are they deserving of applause? Is it their mere presence? There are damn few people deserving of our applause solely because of their solid and evident character which has been proven by a history of actions (not words). Harry S. Truman late in his life comes to mind. It takes a long time to gain that level of renown and most people who are renowned for being vilified. Should we shower Kin Jong Un with applause and adulation? He’s famous. He’s powerful. He controls the fate of millions of people.

3. If the person is an actor or performer, isn’t it more appropriate to applaud after they have performed? The etiquette for applause at a jazz concert certainly leans that way.

4. What we have now is a verbal cue that is either more or less crass (your individual choice) than the applause signs they used(?) or still do for talk shows. On the Garry Shandling show, they made it part of the regular shtick at the start of the show. Hank would come out and do some variation on how the applause sign worked and its importance (“the better you are [applaud more] the better Garry is!’ That show ridiculed the selfishness, pettiness and lack of intelligence in the performers that the public worshipped back then.

5. By “giving it up” for anyone who can pay some flak to inflate an audience into thinking that they are having a good time, you DEVALUE the applause which you render to someone who has done something exceptional.

6. The next time someone yells for you to “give it up” the correct response is: nothing or else ask the flak, “Why should I? Let’s see if what he/she does is worthy of applause!”.

Maybe we can all feel a little less like sheep being herded and tended.