July 20, 2017

A Nation of Salesmen

The term "SALESMAN" or p.c.'d to "SALESPERSON" is quickly disappearing from the lexicon. I don't think there is a new term for used car purveyors but just watch. They will
June 30, 2017
estate planning

On Estate Planning, “Death” Taxes and King Lear, Part 2

At our last foray into the wonderful world of estate planning law, we have a well-to-do couple in their sixties who would like to protect their assets from what was
June 15, 2017
estate tax

On Tax-Planning, The “Death Tax”, and King Lear

Early in my legal career, I was asked to help a couple with some estate planning. They owned and operated a jewelry store and had been quite successful as they
June 7, 2017

A Modest Admission About Your Bank

Did you know that, at least in Illinois and likely most other states, YOUR BANK IS NOT LIABLE IN MOST CASES FOR THE CRIMINAL ACTS OF ITS EMPLOYEES except in