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November 1, 2017
wrongful death act

Illinois Wrongful Death Act: What Were They Thinking?

I just came up against the Illinois Wrongful Death Act in conjunction with a probate estate which I am handling and it left me more than a little confused as
September 7, 2017
wills and trusts

Misconceptions Concerning Wills and Trusts

         We constantly run across people who have obtained their “knowledge” about the probate process from relatives, co-workers, and now we must contend with “misinformation”  doled out on the Internet.
July 20, 2017

A Nation of Salesmen

The term "SALESMAN" or p.c.'d to "SALESPERSON" is quickly disappearing from the lexicon. I don't think there is a new term for used car purveyors but just watch. They will
June 30, 2017
estate planning

On Estate Planning, “Death” Taxes and King Lear, Part 2

At our last foray into the wonderful world of estate planning law, we have a well-to-do couple in their sixties who would like to protect their assets from what was