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November 28, 2016
Observation #6: Patriotism
November 28, 2016
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Observation #5: Miami Cuban Community

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The Cuban Community in Miami is celebrating upon the death of a tyrant.   No one seems to know what they think will happen because Fidel Castro died.  He handed off power several years ago and his brother is not much different from him.

What bothers me is that these Cuban expatriates are acting on several delusions:   (1)  That Fidel Castro took over Cuba all by himself.   Had it not been for the horrible, inhumane, corrupt and even more loathsome actions of the Batista regime, Fidel could not have sold his revolution.   (2) Far from being a sunny little Caribbean gem, Cuba had a veneer of gaudy nightlife transplanted from Hot Springs, Arkansas and Las Vegas, Nevada,  i.e., the mob using Cuba as its own banana republic except the bananas were Gambling, Prostitution and Governmental Corruption.  (3) The abuse of human rights was every bit as brutal.

The British journalist, Beverley Nichols, was given a tour of Cuban police and prison facilities under Batista.   He noticed a location in the basement where there were several very specialized seats.   When he asked what they were, he was given a demonstration:  a person could be clamped in by the neck and, with each twist of the screw, the pressure on the neck could be slowly tightened  — a very effective machine for slow strangulation.   Nichols fled the room with nausea overtaking him.

The Cuban regime under Raul is still a nightmare of human rights abuses but mirrors most of Latin America in that respect.  The Miami Cubans who loathe Fidel so vehemently should remember was that it was their forebears tolerance of Batista and his own thugs that made such a creature as Fidel Castro possible.