Estate Planning


At the Law Office of David Blocher, we provide legal services from estate planning attorneys who have more than 25 years of experience in this practice area in Chicago and the surrounding 6-county area.  With their knowledge and expertise, you can have complete peace of mind and support for the planning of your estate, including planning ahead for aging and retirement.

As you go through the process of estate planning, it is important to consider Wills, trusts, and powers of attorneys. Additionally, you will need to consider state and federal taxes as well as bestowing gifts for your loved ones. A complete estate plan can help you to lower estate taxes and ensure every aspect of your estate plan is fully attended to. By taking care of all aspects of your estate planning at one time, you can lower attorneys’ fees and simplify the process.  

Taking proactive steps for your future and the future of your loved ones does more than bring you peace of mind. It also prevents future disagreements and costly litigation necessitating a probate attorney. Even families with strong ties can have difficulties when faced with disagreements over estate distribution. Our estate planning attorneys will make sure every detail is covered for the protection of your family.


Many people understand the importance of wills when planning their estate. It is a definite way to guarantee that your property is distributed according to your wishes. However drawing up a will takes time and can be a very complex process. We can assist you with simple wills, wills with contingency trusts, and pour over wills which place your assets into a living trust in the event of your death.


Prior to paying the fees to set up a trust, it is helpful to understand whether or not you need one. We will assist you in determining whether the establishment of a trust will be beneficial for you. Some of the reasons for setting up a trust include tax planning and asset protection, privacy, and spendthrift protection. Some disadvantages include the potential for loss of some property control and the costs and time involved in setting up the trust. We can assist you with all aspects of establishing a trust for your estate.

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