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We welcome you to the law offices of David Blocher. We are a specialty law firm serving Chicago, IL and the surrounding areas specializing in elder law, probate administration, and estate planning services. Our attorneys take a keen interest in each case and offer personalized and attentive services to every client.

As our specialties reside in elder law, Estate Administration, estate litigation, estate planning, and Wills, you can depend on us to provide you with the legal services you need. Whether you are looking for a probate lawyer, or Wills and trusts attorney, we are here to offer our expertise and experience. Probate can be a complex and involved process, and without an experienced attorney, you may not get the results you are hoping for, or have to wait a lengthy period for your attorney to act. We will explain the process step by step to help you navigate the probate system successfully.

Your estate planning attorney is responsible for helping you establish who will receive your assets and, to an extent, how they will be handled.  Some people have disabled relatives who are receiving government assistance.  A Special Needs Trust likely will allow you to protect assets for that person’s use without causing him to lose his benefits.  We often set up your Will to set up a Testamentary Trust for certain children, limiting their access to their entire inheritance until reaching or attaining certain ages so they will not waste their entire inheritance at an early age.


At our law offices, we will ensure your complete satisfaction in setting up your estate for success. In order to protect your heirs from litigation expenses and the associated emotional stress, it is essential to establish your estate plan clearly and accurately.

We can help you avoid litigation

As experienced attorneys, we can assist your family in the avoidance of costly and unneeded probate litigation. If your case requires a family mediator or counselor, we can assist you with resolving the conflicts arising from estate settlements. You can depend on us to offer our compassion and knowledge during this challenging time.

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